Friday, August 10, 2012

Fun Hair Friday #3

Here we are at week 3 of Fun Hair Friday. I'm switching up hair models on you and showing you a style that I started using on my oldest before her baby hairs in the front were long enough for a french braid.

This is a great summer or sporty hair style. I call it the "french" ponytail.

I'll be using the same awesome ponytails that I showed you last week. See below. :)

Step 1: Divide the hair in half down the middle from the forehead to the neck. Secure one side with a ponytail to keep it from getting mixed in and then gather a small amout of hair at the top and secure it with a ponytail.

Step 2: Gather another small amount of hair below the first and secure that with a ponytail as well. I like to use 2 different colors to coordinate with outfits, but it really isn't necessary.

Step 3: Continue gathering small sections of hair all the way to the bottom in the same way. I like to put ponytails down the hair that is hanging down as well because my girls have such long hair, but it really isn't necessary.

Once you have one side down, start back at step 1 and do the other side. It it very easy and it always gets a lot of compliments. :)

If you try this style, I would love for you to send a picture of how it turned out.

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Love this! I remember my mom doing this to my hair when I was little! Thanks for sharing at the Pomp Party! Pinning!

  2. A darling look for a little one!

    Popping in from Pinky's link party.

  3. Wait. How do you get her to sit so still? If I attempted that, my daughter would be crying and screaming. We are in a 'don't brush my hair' phase. Perhaps if I showed her these pictures, I could convince her to try it because it's super cute!

  4. New follower! Looking forward to reading more. Hope you will follow back too.

    Daisy @

  5. New follower from Monday Mingle! Wish my daughter was still young enough for me to do her hair .. Looking forward to your posts. Have a lovely day,

  6. So cute! This reminds me of a french braid the I could actually do lol. Thanks so much for sharing this at our Weekend Wonders party :) Hope to see you back on Thursday. Have a great week!