Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to School Party

This weekend we threw a back to school party for my girls and my sister's boys. Between the two of us we have 3 Kindergarteners this year.

Each kiddo was given a 'report card' to see if they were ready for the upcoming school year. We separated it into 5 different subjects.

After thet completed each station they received a sticker on their 'report card'.

When it was all full they were able to turn it in for a treat bag full of school supplies and lunch box goodies.

After all that brain work these little ones were hungry. Our meal had a "lunch box" these to it with classics that you would back in a school lunch.

Our meal was hot dogs, Capri Suns, Fruit Snacks and bags of chips. It seemed to be a hit.

Dessert was even a giant peanut butter & jelly sandwich cake

The party was a lot of fun to plan and I can't wait to see how I can make it even more fun next year.

 I'll be posting more details about the party this week including a how to on the sandwich cake so be on the lookout for that.

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  1. Very cute! I'm sure they are ready for school now after such a fun time!

  2. Cute!! You are so awesome to do this for them!!!

  3. How fun! Love the giant ruler. We homeschool, but I always make a BIG deal out of the first day back to "school". Love your ideas.

  4. What an adorable back to school party! :) I love the ruler.

  5. Love that you are celebrating back to school and get them excited for it! LOVE the giant PBJ cake! (visiting from While Wearing Heels)

  6. What a fun and creative party. I don't think I ever saw this post before so I am glad I had a chance to see it now. Love it!

  7. That cake is so cute I could scream! Love it. Came over from "Wearing Heals." Great party! Love the ruler! I can tell the kids had a great time!