Thursday, May 17, 2012

Product Review - Remington Tangle Tamer

I'm not one of those moms that lets my girls go out with crazy hair because they wouldn't "let" me do their hair. My girls have had ponytails/braids/clips, you name it, since their first sprouts of hair. On the down side, they both have fine/fly away hair that tangles like nobody's business. That's where this awesome gadget comes in.....
 This is a Reminton Tangle Tamer. I got it on Amazon for like $7. The price seems to fluxuate a lot from what I've seen. I was skepticle, but was getting tired of the crying when it came time to brush out tangles. It works on wet and dry hair and it is a dream. The little teeth looking things rotate through the hair and don't get caught at all. It has 5 star reviews everywhere I've seen as well.

I love that my girls say it tickles when I comb their hair instead of hurts. My 5 year old even ran it through my hair and it feels like a head massage. It's great. If you're raising a sensitive head. It's a must have. :)

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