Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Butterfly Dress

With Maddie's birthday and the Talent Show, I've been making a lot of things for my Maddie lately. Abby looked at me a couple days ago and said, "Where's my dress Mommy." So the last couple of days I put this together.

My beautiful girl's favorite color is Yellow. It fits her personality. I used  the same pattern for the top as Maddie's  puppy dress, just a little bit smaller. This was my first attempt at a circle skirt. It was going to be a little bit shorter than I wanted so I added the bright blue 'sash' to it. The piece I had in my stash was almost exactly the right size, like it was waiting for this dress. I lined it with the same dark pink as the butterflies as well.

Here's the back. I can't beilieve how long her hair is getting. I added a yellow zipper from my stash. Now for the obligitory twirl picture.

I love how warm the weather is for the middle of May.

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