Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How I Organize - Coupons

I started couponing again about a year ago. I love a great deal. I also LOVE to save money. I thought I would share how I organize my coupons.

Here is my coupon binder. I love that it's a zippered binder that has a handle and a shoulder strap, and it's pink. Can't go wrong with pink. :)  I found it at Office Max.
Here it is on the inside. The best part about it that there are two seperate 3-ring binders on the inside. On the left I keep my grocery coupons and on the right side is all my non-foods. There is also a notebook. Making a list is obvious when it comes to couponing.

Here are a couple basics that I think are necessary to keep handy, scissors, pen, sharpie and highlighter. I store them in the zippered pouch that came with the binder.

Here's how I seperate my categories. Grocery side is: Breads/Fruits, Baking, Sides, Canned Foods, Breakfast, Snacks, Candy, Dairy, Meat, Frozen, Drinks. The non-food side is: Personal Hygeine, Baby, Body Care, Hair Care, Make-up, Medication, Cleaning, Dog Food, Random.

The best way to organize coupons once you get them separeted into categories is with baseball card holders. They come in pretty big packs and are relatively inexpensive. Most categories use 1-3 sheets if that helps you figure how many you will need.
At the very back of the non-foods side I keep all my extra and occasionally used store cards. They fit perfect in the baseball card sheets and they are always there when you need them.

Sorry it's kinda long and there are lots of pictures but this is my coupon binder. I keep it in my very small truck with my reusable shopping bags. You never know when you need to make a quick stop at the store. I hate finding something on sale that I know I have a coupon for and I don't have my binder with me. Good Luck and Happy Couponing. :)


  1. im going to high school this year and i want a binder exactly like yours so i went to office max.com but couldnt find it! where do i look?

    1. I went to the store location looking for a regular zippered binder. I was weeding through all the different colors when I found this double zipper binder. You may just have to look around or check on amazon or something. Hope that helps. :)