Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pretend Play Oven Mitts

My girls love their party kitchen. They have plenty of pretend food, but they lack some of the fun accessories like oven mitts and aprons.

I started with the oven mitts. Maddie had fun being my 'hand model'.

We got some copy paper and traced about 2 inches around the outside of her hand and cut it out.

Then we traced the pattern onto what was left of her birthday skirt fabric. (The only fabric we has with food on it. Seemed fitting.) Abby decided that the pattern was boring and colored it in. We also traced it onto some white fleece for the soft inside of the mitt.

Next, put the right sides together and sew 1/4 seam allowance along the bottom. Then turn the mitt over so the wrong sides are touching.

All the oven mitts I have are quilted on the outside, so I thought that would be a nice feature to add. I stitched the lines about 3/4 inch apart along the whole surface. This is through both layers. Then put the 'cupcake' sides together, stitch 1/4 seam allowance around the outside, then turn the mitt right side out.

Here's my Maddie modeling her new oven mitt. :)

And here's the close-up.

In the end, I made one for each of my girls.

**WARNING** Though obvious, these are only for pretend play. I'm pretty sure they would be somewhat less than effective around a real oven. :)


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  5. So adorable. I also love your disclaimer :)