Sunday, May 20, 2012

Halter Tops

Summer is coming fast and my girls need some cute summer tops. I thought that halters would be fun to make and relatively easy, but I wasn't sure how to draw up a pattern. I found this chartover at The Green Wife and it was exactly what I needed.


I got the girls' measurements together and grew up the patterns on the back of some Christmas wrapping paper. Use what you have, right?

 Here's the front. My little one LOVES dinosaurs. I was super excited to find this fabric because the colors are pretty girly.

Abby showing off the T-Rex. I used floral ribbon for the front and the strap to up the girly factor.

My Maddie posing. This is the look she gives me every time I tell her it's time to take a picture. 

 She chose Fairy Odd Parents fabric for her top.

Who doesn't love a good twirl picture. :)

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  1. Adorable halter tops!
    I found you through the Mom's Monday Mingle party. :)