Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How I Clean - Carseats

Yes, I let my girls eat in the car. As a result, their seat, especially my youngest's, get really gross. I mean crumbs galore, dried up fruit snacks, gross. Am I the only one? Because of this, I wash the car seats at least once every other month along with shop vac-ing the back seats a few times a week. I guess that's the price you pay with an on-the-go family. 

Please tell me other people have car seats that look like this.

After many years of scrubbing carseats, this is how I do it.....

Start by taking off the cloth cover and all the straps. If you've never done this before it can be really tricky and kind of confusing. The first time I took a car seat apart I separated the straps front/back then left/right.

Once everything is separated throw the cloth cover in the washing machine on a regular cycle, but do not dry. They start to come apart at the seams in the dryer. Learn from my mistakes on that one. Take all the straps and latches and soak them in a sink of warm water and dish soap. (If it can clean the food off your dishes, then it can clean the food off your car seats).

I usually soak the straps for an hour or so. Most of the dirk soaks off, some of the small spots will and buttons you will need a toothpick to get to. The water afterwards is pretty aweful looking, but better there than next to your little ones skin.

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Here is how it looks after a good cleaning.

This car seat is almost 2 years old and it still looks brand new thanks to regular cleaning.

After all this time I was starting to get bored with the same old seat so I decided to update it with a car seat cover that I found at Target.com and the Dora strap covers that I made her.

Here is my beautiful little Abby enjoying her freshing cleaned and newly update car seat. I think she's happy with it. :)

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