Monday, April 2, 2012

Birthday Plans/Shirts

Every year for my girls' birthdays I try to make as much of the decorations/food/birthday outfit as I can. This is both for the cost and mommy memories it creates. I looked at the calendar today and realized I only have about a month to get my oldest daughters 5th birthday party planned out. I have already got her gifts this year. She is only getting 3 gifts from us. After the realization that my children are being overly bombarded with material things I decided I needed to scale back this year. I still have invitations to make (her choice for themes this year is Hello Kitty, good thing I already have the Hello Kitty Cricut cartridge. PHEW!) and most important a birthday outfit to make. I have the plans in my head, I just have to get the time/motivation to get working on it. I'll be posting some pics of past years, but I think by now my girls have pretty big expectations. In the past it has been fabric paint, but this year I'm going to get ambitious and try applique. Wish me luck :)

Maddie's 3rd birthday Nemo Shirt

And the front :)

Front of Abby's 1st birthday shirt

And the back

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