Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mod Podge little girls shoes

So I got was looking all around at Blogs and started to realize that almost everyone uses Mod Podge. I'd never heard of it before, but I knew I had to have some. I went to Amazon and ordered some. It arrived in the mail 2 days ago and ever since then I've been trying to figure out where in the world I would start my Mod Podge adventure.

This morning while my girls were getting their shoes on I realized what bad shape their shoes were in. They both love to crawl around pretending to be animals so they scuff the fronts of their shoes like crazy. I spent the rest of the day figuring out what to put on them to make them look better, especially since they both still fit into their Mary Jane style shoes really well. I decided then that I would start my Mod Podge adventure with their shoes. They were both inexpensive to start with and couldn't really get any worse.

I started with my supplies. Mod Podge, Sharpies, Fabric and scuffed up shoes. I gave each of my girls a wipe and asked them to clean the outside of their shoes. (Wipes are for everything )

The first thing that I did was color the scuffs in with permanent marker. If you look at the original picture you can see that this is my usual quick fix. I just wanted to make sure that the difference in color wouldn't show through the fabric.

My almost 5 yr old loves animal prints and chose a black and dark purple leopard print for her shoes. (At least it matches. :) ) I cut it to fit the top of her shoe then covered the toe in Mod Podge and stuck the fabric on. It had to be large enough to cover all the scuffs but small enough to not cover the flower on them. I applied a coat of Mod Podge on top of the fabric, waited about 20 minutes for it to dry and applied a second coat. The fabric kept wrinkling at first because the from of the shoes aren't very stiff so I stuffed the toe with newspaper to help them hold their shape while they dried.

I did Dora and Diego on pink mary jane style shoes for my youngest. They are still drying in this picture.

Here they are a couple hours later. I LOVE how they turned out.

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  1. That is so cute! I've never seen that before.

    Thanks for joining in the Weekend Blog Walk!

    Jessica @ At Home Take 2

    1. Thanks! These were kind of a test run for some boring black heels I have that I want to spruce up.

  2. What a fantastic, cute idea! Love love love modge podge. I use it all the time to make cute frames with my favorite scrap book paper. Found you through the link up. Happy to be your newest follower.

    1. It was my first time with Mod Podge, but I loved it. Looking for the next project to use it for now.

  3. cute!

    stopping by from the blog walk