Monday, April 16, 2012

How I Organize - Art Supplies

We have a closet in our kitchen. In our old place it used to be our pantry, but out house has a built-in pantry so this was not being used. The kitchen is the only room in the house that is not carpeted (minus the bathrooms of course) so it is where we do most of our art/play-doh. The pantry was being used to house a lot more than just art supplies and started to become one of those places in your house that you open the door, shove something in and slam the door shut before everything comes tumbling out. 

Art Pantry Before
The cookbooks on the top shelf were relocated to the bookshelf that is in the bottom right corner of this picture. And I got rid of everything that wasn't art related and either tossed it or re-housed it elsewhere.

Art Pantry After
 This project was done with supplies that I already had on had. The magazine holders were made by a tutorial I used from A Bowl Full of Lemon's Blog. I used contact paper to cover my boxed instead of wrapping paper and I think it actually works better.
Up on Top

On top is where I house my laminator, postal scale and label maker (The label maker is MIA in this pic because it was in use).

1st Shelf

The first shelf is for "Mommy's Stuff". It includes my magazine and project ideas as well as permamant makers and supplies that I just don't feel like sharing. :) Yes, I have my own box of crayons. I love coloring with my girls but don't like searching for hte colors I want or trying to use broken/unsharpened crayons. I know I'm not the only mom in the world with grown-up only crayons. Am I? The black labels are chalk board contact paper that I cut using a XXXL paper punch and liquid chalk pens.

2nd Shelf
 The second shelf is all of my girls' art supples for painting and coloring. It's just our of my 2 year olds reach, which is exactly where it needs to be. Their workbooks are also on this shelf.

3rd Shelf
 The third shelf houses all our current kids puzzles. I can already tell that this will be growing quickly. My almost 5 year old LOVES puzzles. All the color wonder markers and paint are also here. They are easily accessible for both my girls and basically harmless.

4th Shelf

The very bottom houses all the Play-Doh and accessories that go with it. This is an activity that we all join in as a family and emjoy. Tons of fun and the girls love playing with Momy and Daddy. :)

There's the after again (minus labels. see the label maker is still up top in this pic). Hope the girls let it stay like this for a little while because I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.


  1. My kids' craft supplies are out of control! You did a great job organizing yours! I really like the magazine holders for containing all the coloring books!

    1. Thanks! It's well used so it doens't always look this nice, but it's a huge improvement over the before. :)

  2. Erin, I love it! So nice to have everything in one spot. And I have grown up crayons as well! Thanks for linking up to the party.

  3. I love that you play with your kids but want your own stuff. I have my own box of crayons. I bought a whole bunch of them when they had a sale at I have my own glitter crayons too! My daughter is almost 15 so we don't color as often. :( She's an amazing artist and paints wonderful pictures. I'm always in awe of her work. I'm constantly working on organizing stuff so I like to see some simple organizing, like yours.

    1. When my family gets together my sisters and I still color with my mom and we are all in out 20's. lol