Friday, April 13, 2012

How I Organize - Under the Kitchen Sink

I've been trying to organize my house one small space at a time to make it a more manageable goal. Here's how I stared...under the kitchen sink.

Here is my 'before' picture. Yeah, it's pretty bad.
 Steps to organizing...
1. Empty your space
2. Wipe it down
3. Get rid or things you don't need/use
Here's my nice, organized 'after'. I used 2 dish pans from Target. One for Daily
Cleaners and one for Scrubbers. There are 2 black baskets in the back. One for bug sprays and one for sponges and light bulbs. The labels are Chalk Board contact paper. I recently discovered it and I'm in love.


  1. Where did you find chalk board contact paper? I want that!!! P.S. since you edit your replies, why don't you take the capsha off. I'm having a hard time getting them right and I love to comment. :)

    1. Sorry. I only have verification on older posts becasue that's where I seem to get spammed. I found the contact paper on Amazon and it's tons of fun.