Friday, March 23, 2012

Teaching the art of letting go

So I've been talking to my 4 almost 5 year old lately about letting go of some of her toys. They are starting to take over the whole house and in reality, she only uses a fraction of what she has. I decided that yesterday was the day to clear out all the toys from our Master Bedroom turned playroom now turning back into a Master bedroom. I set up the buckets around the room that was supposed to house each of the different types of toys; blocks, barbies, dress up....You get the point. There was also a bucket for each of my girls of stuff that needed to find it's way back to their room and the biggest bucket of all was for donations.

We talked a while about why it was important to give toys to kids that didn't have them and we even took a trip to the local Good Will. I think that's what stuck with her the most. The whole time we were there she commented about how old and broken a lot of the toys on the shelves were and said that she was sad for the kids that had to shop for their toys there. As soon as we got home she set to work sorting the toys. She gave so much more to the huge donate bucket than I ever thought she would (even though she tried to stick a lot of her little sisters stuff in there). She was really proud that the toys she no longer played with would go to kids that would love them and they weren't old and broken.

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