Thursday, April 5, 2012

The beauty of a black wall

We have been in our "new house" for about a year and a half now. Our 'master bedroom' has changed locations a couple of times from the true master bedroom to the finished basement to try and have a bigger space. I finally decided once and for all that I wanted to put my master bedroom back in it's rightful place. The problem is that all the furniture that we have is a mattress. No dresser, no night stand, nothing......

A few months back I ordered a bedding set of that I absolutely love. It's mostly white with red, black and grey leaf pattern all over it. Those are the wall color choices I pondered for our Master. When we bought the house it has a light blue wallpaper on 2 wall (directly on the drywall. Who does that?!?!?!) and butterfly boarder all around. Definitely not what I pictured for my Master. After months of thought and hours of google searches, I decided that I desperately wanted a black wall. One whole wall in the Master bedroom is a sliding glass door so I knew we had the lighting in the small Master we have to pull it off.

Here is the beginning of what I hope is a truely beautiful room.

After countess hours of scraping and sanding and scraping and sanding I was able to get the room primed and taped off. If the wall looks discolored aroud the tape it's becasue I went around the area with a bright white paint becore I taped to make it easier to pull of the tape and have the wall ready to go. I'd love to say I had the measurements of the boarder, but as I was trying to figure out the best way to beasure I looked down and saw the Winnie the Pooh book that one of my girls had left on the floor. I held it up to the wall and it was the perfect measurement for the boarder I imagined so I held it up next to the tape the whole way around the room to 'measure' my boarder. Hey! Whatever works right?!? (I did check the lines with a level and they were straight, I promise)

I used 2 coats of Black paint. It's Glidden Satin paint in OSU Black (Originally bought for an accent color for our Ohio State - not yet finished - basement) We had a gallon of it laying around because they accidentally mixed my a gallon instead of a quart and they gave me the extra at no charge. Thanks Home Depot. :)
Finished painting last night and pulled the tape off after work today. I wanted to see it in the daylight and make sure there weren't any spots I missed. The tape didn't come off as clean as I would have liked so I'll probably go back around with the white.

The image above was taken from my walk in closet. This one is from the door of my Master Bedroom. See I told you it was a pretty small room. Don't mind my messy computer hutch. I was to lazy to empty it so I could move it out of the room. That will come later.

Seeing how well the wall came out makes me want to do the same thing on the other walls. I was originally going to just leave them white, but I really like how this looks. Any suggestions? The furniture (bed and nightstand) should be coming any day now so I'll have to make up my mind soon.

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