Sunday, July 8, 2012

Perler Fun

My youngest took a nice long nap today for our lazy Sunday so my oldest asked if we could "be crafters". I had recently ordered her some Perler beads off Amazon for an easy summer project so I thought that this was a perfect time.

Maddie chose the heart and "helped" me choose the star.

Important to find just the right color :)

Here they are all full and ready for ironing.

She was very proud of what she created and it turned out beautiful. I loved that my usually "ants in the pants" kind of girl sat for almost an hour straight to get her heart just right. She has plans for exactly where she plans on sticking it in her room.

My little DIY-er in training :)


  1. I remember doing those as a kid.. they were so fun. We used to take small cross stitch patterns and recreate them with the pieces :)

    1. That's an awesome idea. I love cross stitch. I never would have thought to use them as patterns.

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