Monday, July 2, 2012

No Power.......

So I'm sure you've heard in the news (unless you live under a rock) about the awsome storms that Ohio and our surrounding states have been getting this weekend. We lost power around 5pm on Friday night, got it back around 6pm Saturday night only to turn around and lose power around 6pm last night. It's been an interesting weekend to say the least. 

On the upside: 

- The family, including the dog and all my extended family in the area made it though unharmed. 

- Our house is still in one piece

- We have hot water still :) 

- There are car charges for almost everything these days like:
  - The phone AKA my lifeline
  - The iPod and iPad
  - One of our DS's. (Side note, why do they have different power plugs for different models? It's so   inconvenient)

On the downside:

- I went to the grocery store right before the storm hit Boo!

- It's been in the 90's all weekend and will be for the rest of the week.

- The little city I live in is out of most basic supplies like flashlights/batteries/ice (thanks mom and dad for using your generator to make me ice to rescue my food)

Even with a back yard full of down trees and branches, I feel blessed. Things could have been so much worse. I took some pics on the aftermath and the girls and I playing pick-up-sticks....literally. lol They are on my camera right now with no way to be uploaded. (I'm blogging from work right now....SHHHH) ;)

It's been fun trying to find ways to keep the girls entertained. I never realized how much our family relies on electricity and the internet on a daily basis. It's pretty eye-opening.

Please pray for all the 400,000+ people still without power, many of whom may not have access to things like ice/non-perishable foods and a way to cool off. Also, for the awesome AEP workers who have traveled from as far as Alabama to help us get power.  They are predicting 2-7 days without power and those poor guys are the ones out in the 90+ degree weather trying to get us all back up. :)

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