Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Snowman Birthday Cake

Sunday my youngest turned 3! I still can't believe it. She had a snowman themed birthday part and I LOVE how her cake turned out.

If you want to make an adorable cake like this all you need is:

2 boxes of cake mix
2 containers of frosting
5 large oreo cookies
5 mini oreo cookies
1 candy corn
3 twizzlers

I had 3 different sized springform pans, but 3 circle cake pans of the same size would work just as well. Once they are cooled, cut the domes off the top of each to make them flat.
Then I took the bottom of the spring form pan that was the next size smaller  and cut out a small semi circle so the circles would sit together.
After this step the 2 larger circles should look a bit pacman like.
I didn't have anything long enough for my giant snowman so I took 2 sides of a cardboard box and covered it in foil. It just barely fit in the fridge.
If you stick your cake in the fridge after your thin crumb coat it will take less frosting to get a nice smooth finish.
I thought that 2 tubs of frosting would be enough but it wasn't enough to add a boarder around the egde as well so I went with marshmallows. My Maddie said it made it look like a girl snowman.
After the second layer has set it's time to add the face and accents. I used a dab of frosting on the back of each cookie to "glue" it to the cake and then used some gel icing to write next to the cake. 
The cake was a huge hit at the party and Abby couldn't stop coming over and looking at it. That's a win in my book.

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  1. What a great cake. I am sure your 3 year old loved having her own snowman!

  2. This is perfect for Christmas too! Thanks for sharing this snowman, I collect snowmen so of course I had to check out this post. :)