Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Popolok Design Cece Top/Dress - Pattern Review

I recently had the opportunity to pattern test for a shop that I recently discovered on facebook called Popolok Design. The pattern designer, Alviana, is based in Malaysia and has pattern testers from all around the world. I had to fill out an application to pattern test for her so I was super excited when I was selected. The pattern I got to review is the Cece top and dress for Teens/Tweens. While my Maddie is not a tween yet (she's 6), the pattern is for sizes 9-16 in girls and she is in a 9. I'm only 5'4". Not sure how she got so tall!

This pattern was a lot of firsts for me. This was my first time sewing a fitted blouse, first time trying a collar and my first time sewing an (almost) invisible zipper. 

There were tons of options with this pattern. With or without sleeves or collar as well as top or dess. Every time I test a pattern I like to try a skill that I've never done before so that's why I included the collar. That and I'm pretty much done with summer sewing and have moved on to fall.
I realized too late that the zipper I bought to go with this top was too short so I had to dig through my stash for another one. This deep burgundy one matched the colors in the collar perfectly, but didn't quite come out invisible. I actually really like the accent color that it creates.
The directions were very easy to follow and the measurements for the sizes were spot on. The only downside that I had was that I wished that it bottom of the peplum hit a little longer, but I believe this issue was addressed in the final pattern.
We went to the park and had tons of fun taking pictures. Maddie loves her new top and says that it makes her feel grown-up. I'm not so sure I'm ready for my 6 year old to be such a so-so big girl, but I'm glad she likes her new shirt.
The main part of the top is a stretch corduroy and the collar and lining is some left over cotton that I have from this dress and this ruffled bolero.
And because everyone loves a good photo bomber. Can you spot mine? ;)

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  1. What a sweet post. How exciting to have been picked to be a pattern tester for someone from Malaysia. The top turned out beautifully, it's hard to believe there are things that you haven't done. I love that your daughter said the top made her feel grown up. And the last picture, well, it made me smile.

    1. My sewing is self taught so there is a LONG list of things I never learned the correct way. I'm just starting to learn to use my "fancy" camera so sometimes I concentrating too hard to notice the background until editing. haha