Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Dresses

I was waiting for some better weather to get the girls outside and take pictures of their Easter dresses but the snow just won't go away so please excuse the bad lighting. I used the Almost Famous Tulle Dress by Whimsy Couture to make these dresses. I learned that shirring with elastic thread is not a scary as it seems and tulle is a pain in the but to sew.

I decided to add a special touch to the dresses by embroidering the girls names on the ends of the straps.

Now for the picture overload because well....they're that cute!


And for those super rare moments when they are getting along and being loving to each other my favorite is below.

Many nights and about 20 yards of tulle later I loved how these dresses turned out and so do my little ladies.
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  1. AMAZING. The dresses are absolutely beautiful. Your sewing skills are incredibly impressive. My favorite detail, though, adding the girls' name to the straps. How brilliant.

    1. Thanks! I think it's my favorite detail too.