Saturday, September 22, 2012

Veggie Tales Live!!!!

I probably love Veggie Tales as much as my girls do. When I got an email that they were in town I jumped at the chance to take the girls to see them live. It didn't hurt that tickets were only $12 and my Abby was free. YAY!! Wednesday was the big show and we had a blast. They went through most of their silly songs. There were kids dancing in the isle  anndsinging along. It was  great. If they come to your  area I highly recommend you get tickets.

Sorry the picture is a little blurry. I took it with my phone. I let them each pick out one stuffed toy before the show. Maddie chose Petunia and Abby chose Alfred. We already owned Bob and Larry.
 My youngest and I. She's my mini me. Maddie didn't want to stop playing with her new toy long enough for a picture.
 The beginning of the show.
 The part my girls were the most excited for was Bob and Larry.
 "I Love My Lips" is my favorite Veggie Tale song.
 Don't remember what song this is but it has Junior Asparagus so or course it was awesome
Abby was loving the show. She was dancing in the isle and having a ball!

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