Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Betty Skirt Pattern Tour

Hey everyone!!! I know my blog has been dark for a long time. Real life got busy and I had to step away for a bit. Hopefully I can get back to posting weekly or so. What better way to jump back in than a blog tour? I mean....right? 

So this is the Betty Skirt by the Shaffer Sisters. It has so many options and a HUGE size range. It's adorable on top of all that. I was part of both the first round of testing for this skirt as well as the updated testing. Maddie now has 3 versions of this skirt. She has one with large pleats and two that are gathered. She is rocking the size 9 waist with the size 8 length. 

I love that you can print just what you need and you can customize the skirt to have the size and length that you want without having to think about it. The directions lay it all out perfectly and are super easy to follow.

 If you want a copy for yourself you can use the code BETTYTOUR and save 30% off. I'll leave you a few more pictures of what is arguably the cutest little 7 year old around. ;)


  1. awww, those are all cute! i love whipping out a couple projects with a pattern when they're simple!

    1. I'm so bad about forgetting I have a great pattern and never making it again. I love this one though. It's a keeper!

  2. Very cute - my kids would LOVE the purple outfit.