Wednesday, May 7, 2014

EYMM Mommy & Me Blog Tour

EYMM Pattern Tour

When Kymy announced that she was doing a Mommy & Me blog tour I jumped at the chance to sign up. I love coordinating with my girls and them with each other. You can see their coordinating outfits here from the Kynzie Party Dress Blog Tour.

This time around I wanted to make something casual and cute for summer so we went with the Kymy's and Carlie's Dolman Tops  (affiliate link). I let my girls choose the fabrics and they both wanted this beautiful Sea foam green color and they chose the heather grey for me. Both fabrics have glitter in them and are from Joann. 

I'm wearing the XL Kymy's Dolman Top. Maddie is wearing a size 10 and Abby is wearing a 5/6. I used my serger for construction and my twin needle for finishing the hems. From printing to cutting threads I was able to finish all 3 shirts in the time it took me to watch Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Anyone else love watching 80's and 90's teen movies while they sew? :)

Since my girls were in an awesome mood while my mom took our pics this is the one and only picture that turned out like I planned of all three of us. I had this 'plan' about how these pics were going to go and between the sun, scratchy grass and grumpy attitudes my girls had other plans. lol

Instead of fighting a losing battle I decided to switch things up. Enjoy a glimpse at the unedited version of my family. :)
Can you curl your tongue? Fun Fact: it's all in the genetics. These girls were guaranteed to have this awesome skill. 
Here's our scared face. I know, I know, totally believable. 
Hey, girls are tough and we're no exception. ;)
And if all else fails, turn Mommy into a pony ride. 

Hope you enjoyed the view into our crazy little world. There is only one more stop on the tour, but all the links are below if you want to check out the other awesome Mommy and Me creation. My girls and I love our tops and will definitely have more in our future. I think we are going to try the banded version next. 

4/28 - Lisa

4/30 - Deborah

5/1 - Alyssa

5/2 - Tasha

5/3 - Emily

5/4 - Nienke

5/5 - Shino

5/6 - Melissa

5/7 - Erin

5/8 - Jessica

Thanks for stopping by. I'll leave you with this adorable shot of my littlest cutie. :)

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  1. Love it! They are adorable (and so are you)! I think awesome outtakes are way more fun that posing uncomfortably and staring off into the distance!

    1. Thanks Jessica! We're more of an organized chaos kind of family so posed doesn't really work.

  2. You guys are so fun! I love the dolman top. So many great choices, and yes, I do love all the 80s movies, in fact my favorites to watch tend to be some of the worst ones like Desperately Seeking Susan, Mannequin, Teen Witch. I naturally magnitate (is that even a word) to cheesy movies.

    1. Yes! I love cheesy and made for TV movies. lol

  3. So cute! I love the dolman top too! So comfy!

    1. It really is and it's nice enough that I can wear it to work too.

  4. Love these pics and the tops are great! Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Sews at PiePie Designs.

  5. What a fun family photo shoot. My favorite is the 'tough' picture. You three are adorable.