Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hair cuts and big hearts

Back in October of last year I donated about a foot of hair and my girls have been talking about it ever since. When I told then that they were going to get their hair trimmed this past weekend my oldest daughter came to me and said that she wanted to donate her hair. I was a little surprised but I was all for it. She said she wanted to "give her beautiful hair to another little girl so they could feel pretty too." I almost cried I was so proud of her. 

My youngest hear this and said, "I'm not giving away my hair!" lol Fast forward a couple days and as she sat in the haridressers chair and saw Maddie's hair get cut she announced that she wanted to give her "pretty hairs away too." I asked her if she was sure then told the hairdresser to go ahead and cut it. 

When all was said and done Maddie (my oldest) donated 12.5 inches and Abby (my youngest) donated 11 inches. There was no tears and they both love their new haircuts. I think they look super cute too. Keep scrolling for some fun before and after shots. (:

Here they are right before the sat in the chairs then each of them right before they cut. I love that you can see their sweet smiling faces in the mirror.

Here they are in the parking lot outside of Great Clips. They were feeling pretty sassy at the time. lol
Maddie even managed to get a selfie in during her cut.
Here is a quick before and after. They look deceivingly sweet now. Better keep my eye on these two. :)


  1. Oh my goodness. I am a fan of long hair BUT your girls look so chic and yet still adorable with their new hair cuts. Makes me want to cut my hair...though, no one would want my colored hair! You must be so proud of your girls. What big hearts they already have. And, they are right, they do have pretty hair and someone is going to be blessed that they shared.

    1. I'm usually a long hair girl but I cut mine out of necessity and they donated out of heart. :)