Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013 - Wizard of Oz style

This summer my girls discovered the awesome-ness that is the original Wizard of Oz. The have been talking about what they wanted to be for Halloween ever since.My oldest, Maddie, always goes got the "good" character while my youngest, Abby, always chooses the "bad" character. Go figure. lol

For Dorothy I started with the Whimsy Couture Ruffled Circle Skirt for the bottom of the dress without the ruffle. I made an all white circle skirt with the ruffle for under the dress. The gingham that I used for the dress was pretty thin and I wanted it to have some weight for the 'twirl' factor.   
For the top of the dress I took her waist measurement, added about 3 inches for room and seam allowance and sewed it up the back. I made straps that start at the front waistband and go all the way to the back waistband. I tacked down the straps in the front and back of the bodice and the added the bodice to the circle skirt.
Once she tried it on I realized that the top of the bodice was super baggy because she is rounder in the middle than she is in the chest area. I didn't want it to be super fitted or have a zipper because I wanted her to be able to use it for dress up so I decided to shirr up both sides. Now the fit is PERFECT and she can slip it on and off easily.

We added some glittery red shoes from Target, pig tail braids, a basked from my Grandma, and one of Maddie's many stuffed dogs. I had a button up for her to wear but it is just too darn cold around here so a turtleneck and tights just had to do.
For my (not-so) Wicked Witch, I started with the Whimsy Couture Empire Dress as the top and just made a tube 2.5 times her waist for the bottom. Added about 8 yards of black tulle with my ruffler foot then attached it to the top. Black glittery shoes (because she just HAD to have new shoes like Maddie), a black turtleneck, tights and a witch hat headband completed the look. 
She was insistent that she had to have a green face and red lips like the Wicked Witch in the movie. All I could see was green face paint EVERYWHERE so we came to a compromise. I painted on a witch "mask" and then gave her the red lips that she wanted.
The day we took pictures was very chilly and super windy but they were troopers with the promise of hot chocolate.
I love that these girls wanted to go with an old movie as their costumes. Hopefully they will continue to go with a matching theme next year as well because it's just so darn cute!
The pictures above were after the Harvest party at the YMCA so I'll share what they looked like before the snacks and the wind took over. :)
My Dorothy.
My Wicked Witch. :)

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. ADORABLE. Your girls look so sweet. I love, too, that they kind of coordinated. What a great memory for them to look back on. And, I am a sucker for homemade Halloween costumes. You did good.