Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Day of School - Preschool and First Grade

My girls started school last week. Abby is in full day preschool now and Maddie is it 1st grade. They are growing so fast!!! 
I made them each "What I want to be" first day of school signs like I did last year.
In keeping with her love of animals, Maddie said she wanted to train police dogs when she grows up. Last year she wanted to be a farmer. 
This was Abby's first year to announce her future plans. She kept going back and forth between a princess and a ballerina, but this particular morning she landed on a princess. 
Maddie got a "big girl" backpack this year and I am all about the owls. Abby went with her love of GIANT bows and Minnie Mouse. :)
Abby was excited to have a seat with her name on it that was all her own. 
Maddie was excited about a "real" desk with a spot for her books inside and everything. 

How your little ones are enjoying the new school year as much as mine. 

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