Monday, November 12, 2012

Erasing Permanent Marker

Have you even walked in and seen a mess like this before? I went to let the dog out and came back to my 3 year old "drawing" on my desk with permanent marker. It was one of those moments that make you just want to scream. 
 The first thought that came to mind is that dry erase markers take permanent markers off of white boards maybe it will work on the desk too.
I colored over all the black spots and said a little prayer then I wiped off the mess with a baby wipe.
I took off most of the permanent marker as you can see, but The downside is that now my green dry erase marker has a black tip. With out a camera flash you can barely see it at all.

Have you ever tried this trick for removing permanent marker?


  1. Oh no! Something you hope you will never need to know but will be grateful to have learned just in case you do. And, I had no thanks for sharing and here's hoping that I never need to use it!

    1. I guess it's partially my fault. Silly me I thought hiding the marker in the computer hutch behind the monitor was a good spot. Live and learn. :)

  2. Little kids are amazing at finding stuff they shouldn't. Glad to hear about a new tip. Now I need to know about removing nail polish from a sink. I guess I better Google it cause nail polish removed and scrubbing doesn't work.